The best time to go to Panama

Lonely Planet says the best time to go to Panama is dependant on what you want to do in Panama! While surfers and divers may choose the rainy season, jungle adventurers might prefer the dry season.

The concept, that the activities you wish to partake in play a key part in the decision of when to travel to Panama, may seem basic. However, Lonely Planet has done a pretty bang-up job of identifying some key activities and then offering a month-by-month guide to Panama travel. 

Lonely Planet has also done the job of including the national holidays in Panama. 

If you live in Panama or have been here during a national holiday, your probably accustomed to the halt these days bring to all normal life within the country. So having a calendar of national holidays in Panama, in front of you is a great idea when planning a trip. 

We’ve compiled the information provided by Lonely Planet in their article "The best time to go to Panama" 

When to visit Panama: 

Note: This is just a start. There are many other local festivals and a much longer list of activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year in Panama.

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