List your property for sale in Panama

Selling a property in Panama? Playa Community real estate listings start at $10/month. All inquiries go directly to you, through your PC account. Create a listing with us, right now, here’s how:

3 steps to add your Real Estate Listing 

*If you are doing this on your phone things look a little different. See steps below. 

1. Login or Create an account on 
2. Click Add Property on the blue menu on our homepage 
3. Fill out your listing details, add photos & payment

The mobile viewer looks like this.. 

Click the person icon on the right, and to Add Listing use the hamburger on the left and click Real Estate. You will see a blue button that says, Add Listing. Click it, fill in the details of your property, add photos and submit! 

If you have questions or require technical support Call/WhatsApp (507) 6652-6720