Entrepreneur Opens New Local Business in Coronado Panama

Tired of all the bad news in Panama created by the Covid-19 pandemic? Here is some good news! This is a story of an entrepreneur who decided to buck the trend of business closures. How?

By bringing a local coffee shop to Coronado Panama! 

Kahua Panama Coffee Bar in Coronado, Panama was started by Kais Safi Dominguez. This is the second location (the first being in Chitré). 

Kahua’s is located on Via Interamericana just before the Delta Gas Station, directly across the busy highway from the Las Lajas intersection. The coffee bar is open daily from 7:30 am until 8:30 pm.

Prices are very reasonable with beverages ranging from $2 to $4. Desserts and pastries cost $1 to $4.

The Coffee Bar offers mostly beverages and “light” foods, catering to the “take out” orders from customers. Coming soon (expecting early May) will be an expanded menu including breakfast items.

Currently, they do not offer a delivery service, but this service will be added soon.

Kais gives credit to his Dad’s vision, but it is his passion for providing good food at affordable prices, and excellent customer service that is making the business a success.

Customers at Kahua’s come from all over the globe. Panamanians, Americans, Canadians, Colombians, and Europeans… PTY may be the “Hub of the Americas” but Kahua’s is becoming the “Crossroads of the World” coffee shop.

Right now, Kais is working on creating a “Client Service Program” that will let you automatically receive points for each purchase. The customer will then be able to exchange points for products. This will be a unique offer for the Coronado location.