When is Mango season in Panama?

Mango season in Panama starts at the end of the Dry Season in the month of April. Panama Mango season continues into August, but the best Mangoes are the early harvest, here’s why!

By the time the rainy season comes around in Panama mangos (and other fruits) are more susceptible to bugs! So, the early bird gets the mango, here!

Pick green mangos and ripen them or enjoy green mangos with salt, a Panamanian classic. One thing is for sure, no matter if you buying or picking, during mango season in Panama, there are a lot of local options!  

The issue with mangos is they are similar to an avocado in that they’ve got a short shelf life, either hard as a rock or overripe. So, with that here are some tips to getting the best out of mango season in Panama. 

Know how to store. 

Pick mangoes a bit firmer, they are less likely to have bugs and ripen mangos at room temperature.  If you want to speed up the ripening process, just put your mangoes in a paper bag, again room temp is key! 

Once you’ve got ripe mangos you can store mangos in the fridge, because they make a nice cool treat and the fridge will slow down the ripening.  

However, my all-time favorite way to store my mangos in Panama, which is peeled, chunked and frozen. 

The best mango trees in Panama! 

If you know someone in Panama, you know someone who has the best mango tree in Panama, keep seeking out these people, and keep searching for the perfect mango. : ) 

The Coronado Panama Golf Course is full of great mango trees, if you go for a walk this time of year, it is a great time to do a mango taste test!