CeCe Longboards announces a third Jornadas in Panama

Jornadas Longboard Panama is a 9-day intensive event organized by CeCe Longboards, with a base in Spain. CeCe Longboards is known for organizing this intensive surf retreat all over the world!

Internationally there have been 10 Jornadas in Maldives, with another trip coming this summer. This will be the third Jornadas Longboard Panama. 

Jornadas Longboard brings a small group of longboarders together for 9 days of adventure and waves. A very specific longboard course is given during the duration of the Jornadas by Rubén Fuente & Carlos Clavero with daily classes in and out the water. 

We spoke with Carlos Clavero about the upcoming CeCe Longboards Jornadas in Panama, he told us: 

"This year’s group is already training and preparing for the trip to be in the best possible shape to have fun, it’s important to prepare,  the 9-day Jornadas can be demanding." Explained Carlos Clavero

Carlos added, "CeCe Longboards would like to always thank the local community for welcoming and sharing their beaches and waves with us".