Are beaches in Panama open?

The Ministry of Health in Panama has announced after some confusion, which beaches are open in Panama. In this note it was stated, beaches remain closed in the provinces of Panama and Panama West.

Beach access is also restricted in the province of Herrera.

Rivers and parks remain closed in Panama, Panama West, and Herrera. 

The Beach in Coronado, Panama is closed.

Panama West is made up of five districts,
 - Arraiján

- Chorrera

- Capira

- Chame 

- San Carlos

Coronado is in the district of Chame.

When will beaches reopen in Panama West?

The date the government has given for reopening beaches in Panama West is March 15th.

Beaches in Panama that are open (as of Jan 14, 2021)

Beaches in the provinces of Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro, Colon, Darien, comarcas Ngåbe Bugle, and Guna Yala
are open from 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
7 days a week.
The consumption of alcohol is prohibited. 

Beaches in the provinces of Veraguas, Cocle, and Los Santos
are open
Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
In these provinces, beaches will be closed during days of total quarantine Saturday and Sunday.
The consumption of alcohol is prohibited. 

Visiting beaches in Panama during Covid-19 

When you visit the beach in Panama you are required to wear a mask when you are not within your family bubble. In Panama, your "family bubble" is defined as only the people you live with. When you are entering the beach access, and passing others you should be wearing a mask, you can take it off when you find a place to sit, or are in the ocean, and within your bubble. 

As of January 14th, 2021, sanitary fences remain in place throughout the country. It is not permitted to travel to beaches within the country that are open, you can only visit the beach if you live in that province. However, International visitors can enter the country and travel to hotels or beach rentals by presenting a flight ticket and rental agreement/ hotel booking. If the hotel or rental is in Panama or Panama west, however, tourists will not have access to the beach. 

According to MINSA hotels that are open can use their pools at 25% capacity.