Ocean athletes in Panama make request to Health ministry

Beaches in Panama and Panama West will remain closed in Panama and Panama West through to March 15th. The news brought surfers, bodyboarders, and kiteboarders together to request changes.

The group of athletes is requesting that health authorities consider their disciplines as outdoor sports (which are to be permitted), and allow athletes access to the sea to train and compete.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, the groups wrote, "surfing and bodyboarding are individual sports, without contact and that they do not promote crowds".

It is also highlighted in the letter that they are asking for "permission to access the beach in Panama to practice individual sport, and that they are not asking for recreation, social gathering, or alcohol consumption."

"We strongly request that we be taken into account and allow us to access the sea and perform our sport in a responsible manner, keeping our distance and respecting biosafety measures,"

The note was signed by Roger Castillero, president of the Panamanian Association de Surf, and Dr. Alejandro Arosemena, a legend of the bodyboard and who helped to draft the APS biosafety protocol.

"We are aware of the unfortunate situation that the world and Panama are going through, we understand the current care measures and restrictions, but we want to request that we be considered in the opening of outdoor sports", details the document on the reality that is lived by the new coronavirus pandemic.

Surfing is one of the seven sports in Panama, which still have a chance to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics this year. To achieve this goal, Panamanian athletes who compete in the ocean, need to get back in the water. 

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