Dry season in Panama 2021

January in Panama brings the start to the dry season. In the Pacific Beach area and Coronado Panama, this means no more rainy days, a nice breeze and of course, a water problem.

However, this year Panama is battling more than spotty IDAAN service. 2021 will bring new challenges for Panama during the dry season as the country continues to battle the covid 19 pandemic. Panama agricultural center Cerro Punto in Volcan also continues towards recovery as the area was hit hard with the tail end of two hurricanes last rainy season. 

This dry season it will be even more important to preserve water. We can do this by being water conscious, and by reporting leaks for #311.  

In a normal dry season, Panama suffers from drought, affecting everything from local communities’ water supplies to the functioning of the Panama canal. Dry season 2021 will be worse for communities in need as water is essential to personal hygine and compliance with sanitary measures. This means areas that are already being hit the hardest with covid outbreaks, will likely soon not have water service. We must be extra cautious about our water usage for this reason.