Clínica Hospital Panamericano opens Coronado location

“What about health care?” It’s a question we ask anywhere we go, because when it comes to health, we want the best! Health care options in Coronado Panama and the surrounding areas are growing!

This year Coronado welcomes Clínica Hospital Panamericano, the area’s newest facility offering up-to-date techniques and medical equipment along with recognized health specialists and modern facilities. Located in Coronado in the Plaza Bayside Plaza local 10 on the Pan-American Highway, the clinic will start by offer general medicine, cardiology and gynecology consultation.

With a sister location in La Chorrera, Clínica Hospital Panamericano offers medical procedures that you may have previously travelled to Panama City to receive. Including radiology, ultrasound, inhalation therapy, laparoscopic surgeries, outpatient surgeries, cesarias ,deliveries and CT scans. 

Clínica Hospital Panamericano also offers the new COVID-19 at their Chorrera location, Antigen and Serological detection test that can be performed by appointment with results in 2 hours.

With a visit to Clínica Hospital Panamericano in Coronado the doctors can help refer you to with a wide range of specialists in the Panama West area. Connect with specialists in Gynaecology,Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Physiotherapy, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine Nephrology, Pneumology, Neurosurgery, Nutritionist, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Urology and more. 

Recently, at Clínica Hospital Panamericano in La Chorrera an Angiography team (Hemodynamic teams) was enabled to perform vascular intervention and diagnostic procedures, which allow obtaining real-time images of blood flow and activity in vascular organs, in order to determine if there is disease, narrowing, enlargement or blockage in blood vessels.

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Clínica Hospital Panamericano, hopes to serve you soon, if you want to set up an appointment at our Coronado location today call 253-6996 | 253-3447 

Clínica Hospital Panamericano, serving your health!