Panamanian surfers at a disadvantage

While Panama’s beaches remain closed, national surfers are still working to get to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Some are doing so by traveling. With International travel opening October 12th 2020 Panama’s champion Samanta Alonso, is preparing for the World Surfing Championship, in El Salvador.

The World Cup in El Salvador will be held from May 8 to 16, 2021 and offers a direct ticket to the Tokyo Olympics next year, with five men’s and seven women’s places up for grabs. 

Panama will have 3 men and three women at the competition, with one substitute. But they will be at a disadvantage. Samantha tells La Prensa in an article Samanta Alonso tests the waves in El Salvador, which will host the World Surfing Championship, she decided to travel to find her rhythm, a casualty of the strict quarantine measures during the Coronavirus pandemic in Panama. 

“seven months without training, puts me at a disadvantage up against other surfers from other countries where surfing was allowed. "Alonso explained.

Along side Alonso for a 15 day intensive training trip is the coach of the national team of the Panamanian Surf Association, Giovanni Greco.

Alonso is one of the nine athletes that the Panamanian Surf Association has pre-selected to prepare for future competitions.