Support local businesses in Panama with Kindly Shop

Panama is home to so many talented artisans, but sometimes it is hard get their products locally in Panama.

Kindly Shop, a carefully curated online marketplace of authentic and hand made products is changing that. connects you to a growing list of the best artisanal goods made in Panama and neighbouring countries. They also tell you the beautiful and unique stories behind them and their makers. From natural beauty products, handmade jewelry, vintage apparel to local pottery, coffee, chocolate and so much more, you can now find it online, and receive the products easily. 

Kindly Shop offers both local and international shipping. 

Local shipping to Coronado Panama was seamless. We ordered several products on the website here, and they were delivered  within 48 hrs via UnoExpress Gorgona. The shipping cost on the order was $3 (cost varies on the order, where you are shipping to and how fast you require your order) but their shipping is economical. 

You can tell when you order off their website that the team behind Kindly Shop has really put some thought into the entire shipping process, offering sustainable international shipping options like “Eco Freight.”

Eco Freight offers international customers the option to be part of a group shipment. By clicking “next available shipping date” on their platform you can lower your carbon footprint. 

On the page of all things kind, kindly has also created a platform that helps us give back to our community! At checkout there is the option to donate to a local organization doing great things in Panama. Right now you can support CIMUF (International Coalition for Women and Families) and Pro Eco Azuero.

As more local businesses begin to reopen their doors, many are evolving. Right now we have the opportunity grow too by thinking about the products we buy and how we receive them. 

Shop Kindly here.