Panamanian Holidays in November & December 2019

With the start to Fiesta Patrias, Panama’s patriotic parties, on November 3rd 2019, Panama begins their holiday season that lasts well into the New Year.

Fiestas Patrias is commonly celebrated at the beach, so expect more people around Coronado, Panama and throughout the beach community. Also expect public offices, banks and some stores to be closed. Finally it is a good idea to stock up on groceries! 

November 3rd 2019 Panama celebrates separation from Colombia. It’s important to note,  while the day commemorates November 3, 1903 Panama became a fully sovereign nation, is not actually an independence day. Read more on this topic in the article: Panama’s Independence, Separation and its relation to the Panama Canal written by Anibal Diaz. 

The festive month continues with Flag Day on November 4th 2019.  The day commemorates  November 4 1903, the Panamanian flag was flown for the first time. 

November 5th 2019 is Colon Day, remembering November 5th 1903 the consolidation of the separation from Colombia.

El Primer Grito (the first yell) is celebrated on November 10th 2019. This day commemorates an uprising in Los Santos Panama, which was the first call for Independence from Spain.  While Panama City was already preparing for independence from the Spanish Monarchy, their intentions were accelerated by the declaration made by residents of the Azuero.

While leads us to Panama’s Independence Day which is celebrated November 28th 2019. The day remembers November 28th 1821, when Panama gained its independence from Spain. 

The next holiday to be celebrated in Panama is Mother’s Day on December 8th 2019. Mother’s Day in Panama is a National Holiday, and is a very important holiday for Panamanians. The date of mother’s day in Panama was changed in the 30’s  to have the date coincide with the Catholic celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Previously, Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 11th as it is in North America. 

Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th 2019. Panamanians do not really celebrate boxing day, and their big Christmas celebration is typically held on the 24th of December when families gather together to enjoy a meal with their loved ones. 

New Years eve in Panama is on December 31st 2019. Coronado Panama and surrounding beach communities are the top destinations for bringing in the New Year in Panama. Fireworks are a must during this fiesta. A tradition, unique to the Panama West area is a New Year’s doll called a  “Muñeco de año Viejo.”

Finally January 6th 2019 Panama celebrates Three Kings Day, or in Spanish, Dia de los Reyes. On the Christian calendar it marks the date the three kings brought gifts to baby Jesus.