Voting as a Canadian in Panama

Are you a Canadian expat living in Panama? Here are the steps to cast your vote in the upcoming federal election to be held on October 21, 2019.

FIY all ballots must be received by Elections Canada by the 21st of October in order for the ballot to be counted in the election. 

Steps to Vote in Canada from Panama 

1. Go to the Elections Canada Website and complete the application form. Submit it to Elections Canada.

2. Once application has been approved, Elections Canada sends a special ballot voting kit to the mailing address provided in the application.

3. Complete the ballot and return it to Elections Canada.

You can have your ballot sent to the Canadian Embassy in Panama at the mailing address:

Canadian Embassy

Apartado 0832-2446

Estafeta World Trade Center

Panama, Republic of Panama

 In order for the Embassy to be confident that ballots will arrive in Ottawa in time to be counted, they must received no later than noon on October 15. All ballots receive but if we receive by that time will be sent to Ottawa and counted. 

Register as soon as possible to ensure you receive your ballot before October 15. The final list of candidates will be available on the Elections Canada website ( on October 2, 2019.