September 18th is Chame Day

Friday, September 18th 2019 Chame, Panama will celebrate its 164th Anniversary, and there are lots of events taking place, including a torch parade taking place at 5pm on the 17th.

The torch parade takes place through the main street in the community of Chame ending with a folkloric show.

Friday is a day off school for students in the Chame district to participate in the festivities, which include a parade leaving form the Chame Municipality building. Student bands march and play, along with the community parade through the streets of Chame.

About Chame Panama

The Chame district is located in the province of Panama West. The community of Coronado, Panama is located in the Chame district. The other districts located in Panama West are Bejuco, Buenos Aires, Cabuya, Chicá, Lebanon, Las Lajas, Gorgona, Punta Chame, Sajalices, and Sorá.

The district of Chame had a population of approximately 24,471 in 2010. With a new census in 2020 we anticipate this number will have risen significantly over the past decade.