Can I BBQ on my condo balcony?

While Panama Firefighters issued the statement prohibiting the use of barbecues in condos some time ago Coronado condo residents are just now being told they cannot grill on their balconies.

After receiving multiple complaints from residents in apartment buildings, the Panama Firefighters issued a statement prohibiting the ’use of barbecues, braziers and grills’ in Panama last year. 

The law works with the provisions of the ’ NFPA 1 Fire Code’ which states that in ’homes that are not single-family or two-family, (stand alone homes or duplexes) it is prohibited to use open grills for cooking, heating or for any other purpose, on balconies , under any over hang of the building, or within 3 meters of any structure.

While the law has been in effect for some time, the situation is just now generating controversy among Coronado residents who have been informed by their condo administrations that they can no longer use their grills, or they will be subject to fines.