Sinaproc high tide alert

While Panama will likely not see major effects from the current hurricane warnings Panama’s Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) has issued a high tide alert lasting until September 5th 2019.

The Sinaproc alert came, after Wednesday’s electrical storm that caused flooding and brought down trees and power lines in Panama city.

A week-long maximum tide prevention alert was issued by The Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) on Thursday, August 29. It extends to 8:09 am on Thursday, September 5th According to the statement, the maximum high tide level will reach 18.4 feet, (5.61 meters). For tide reports on Coronado Panama click here. 

Sinaproc asks the population to maintain preventive measures, since, coinciding with rains, the levels of rivers and streams could be increased, causing flooding in risk areas.

The recommendations of the security agency are: keep children and elderly adults under surveillance, lower the lever of the electrical panel in case of flooding and evacuate immediately to high areas; fishermen must use navigation equipment and vests. They also ask people to avoid crossing rivers and streams that exceed knee level.