PCIS Summer Camp

Panama Coast International School located in Gorgona will offer a summer program for kids 3 to 16 from June 17 until July 31st. PCIS Summer Fun Camp is just $350 per child for the 6 week program.

The PCIS Summer Fun Camp program offers something for everyone with a variety of activities ranging from sports to coding along with activities that support increased learning throughout the summer months! 

If you are a parent in Panama, you might have already faced the challenges of keeping your kids active and engaged. However, as the Coronado and Surrounding beach communities continue to grow, each year there more and more great ways to keep out kidos learning! 

This summer, PICS is a great option! FYI If you have multiple kids, there is 25% discount on each additional child. 

Early bird registration is $350.00 for the entire 6 week program (you must register and pay by May 31st, 2019). Weekly rates are $75.00 per child.

Here is more of what kids will experience in the PCIS Summer Fun Camp program 

Awesome activities for kids of all ages: Zumba for Kids, Wicked Water Works, Rockin’ Relays and more.

Enrichment: Math, English, Spanish, Science and Social Studies. Let’s get your child ready to conquer the upcoming school year!

Sports Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton.

Computer Coding: How to create a mobile game. In this course students will learn the basics of game programming and even publish their own game!  

Survival Training: Shelter, water, fire, food, tools, navigation! Top survival priorities are covered in this survival course.

Leadership and Friendships: These skills last more than just the summer. as part of our summer program, PCIS Summer Fun Camp places an emphasis on personal development through team building exercises, strategy games, sports, learning and and art.