Spay Panama El Valle Clinic

Spay Panama will be in El Valle offering economic spay and neutering this month. There will be two clinics one on Saturday May 18th and another, Sunday May 19th.

A local from the El Valle area wrote" as you have probably noticed, there are many stray and neglected cats and dogs wandering the streets of our beautiful valley; so this is a much-needed event."

Organizers are seeking donations in order to continue offering the operations at reduced costs. Become a sponsor the clinic by donating the money to cover the cost of spaying one animal - cat or dog. Contact Spay Panama to make a donation. 

Spay Panama charges $30 per dog and $20 per cat. In order to relieve the financial burden for locals that cannot afford that but come to have their animals spayed, a charge $15/dog and $10/cat is accepted or they will waive this payment if the individual cannot afford it.

If the person brings more than one animal to be spayed, say a mom and her babies, they will only charge for the mother.