Pure breed puppy scam

Thinking about buying a pure bread puppy online in Panama? Beware of scammers! Recently, Playa Community has seen an influx of breeders selling pure bread puppies in the Classifieds.

We suspect the ads might be fraudulent and for that reason they have been removed. We wanted to let our readers know about the ads as there were a few inquires before the ads were removed. Please beware of buying anything online in Panama, and if you see similar ads on other classifieds like Encuentra24, be skeptical, it is never a good idea to make a deposit without seeing the goods. 

As for puppies, please consider adopting! If you think a mix-breed dog won’t make a good guard dog, think again! Adopted strays can be very territorial, and defensive of their pack. Most bark at the slightest provocation, often making them superior watch dogs. 

If you are seeking a small breed like Chihuahua or Yorkie, there are sometime smaller breed dogs available for adoption that won’t be larger than 20- 30 lbs. 

If you are thinking about adding a new furry member to your family in Panama think about adoption. Contact Spay Panama as they often have puppies available for adoption at their clinics.