Etesa issues wind warning for Chame, San Carlos, Capira

The Meteorology service of the Electricity Transmission Company has issued a warning for strong winds affecting Panama West and Cocle, specifically the districts of Chame, San Carlos and Capira.

The winds will affect both coasts of Panama, the Caribbean, and the Pacific coast, with winds reaching up to 60 kilometers an hour. Winds may be felt with greater force in the mountains of the Western part of Panama. 

Along with Panama West and Cocle, other provinces that should take precaution during this time are Los Santos, Chiriqui, and Bocas del Toro along with the Guna Yala Comarca. 

Strong winds are typical during this season in Panama (dry season), and will continue over the next months. Authorities have warning drivers to take extra care when on the road as crosswinds can cause cars to experience a pull that could result in being pulled into the ditch, guardrail or even bring overturned. 

So far there have been several damages reported due to the strong winds including a fence that fell on a house in the district of Chame. No injuries have been reported.