Staying safe over the holidays

While the holidays are meant to be a joyous time, unfortunately with them comes increased crime throughout Panama.

While it always important alert, during the holidays in Panama it is good to take extra precaution. This year, there have been several reports of crimes in the beaches. Residents in the communities Coronado and Las Lajas have reported several break-ins.

With outreach to the community, some stolen items have been recovered due to citizen reports. This has proven when communities come together they can make a difference! Here are some ways you can protect your self and others this holiday season. 

-  By reporting unusual activity. You might be wrong, you might be right, but reporting people who look like they are up to no good or scoping our a neighbor’s home, can help deter crimes from occurring. If you do not speak Spanish a good way to gain help in communicating with police and officials is to join the Panama Helpline. 

- By constantly assessing risks. If there is a risk something might get stolen, around this season it is a high possibility. When you’re leaving the bank, put your money away before you walk out. If your shopping, do not leave your phone, purse, or other bags in the car. Try not to walk alone at night. Don’t be drunk in public.  Whatever you can do to reduce the risk of being a target - do it. 

- Protect your home. It is always a good idea take extra precaution protecting your house from break-ins. This can be done by installing cameras, getting a dog, installing security bars on windows and doors, and alarms. 

While sometimes we try to put the possibility of something bad happening to us out of mind, it is a possibility anywhere in the world. Let’s work together this holiday season to protect ourselves, and remind others to do the same. 

Stay safe!