Mommy and me Creative Play Class

Creative Play is a class open to moms with little ones every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the class involves guided play, free play, water activities and more... each class is a bit different

With more families in Coronado than ever, there are more and more moms out there wondering... what can I do with my little ones that are not yet in school, but ready to socialize and be challenged? This class is the answer. Take it from me!

Who am I? My name is Kara Patrick (I’m also the owner of Playa Community, Hi!). I’m momma to a super active 2-year-old, Kai, who is ready to learn but not quite ready for school (or maybe that’s me!). Either way, with no consistent option for creative play or daycare, if you will, I spoke with Anne-Marie of El Litoral to see if she would be interested in starting up a class that catered to moms in my position. 

While the class started as "Mommy and Baby Yoga" (we learned babies will do "yoga" for about 5 mins)... it quickly developed into a class we’ve appropriately termed "creative play". What you might not know about Anne-Marie (the area’s most known Yoga and Pilates teacher) is that she also has a degree in early childhood education. Anne- Marie speaks English, Spanish and French, which can offer our little ones early exposure to the languages we want them to keep or learn.

So far classes have involved:
Simple stretching (touch your head, nose, belly etc.), activities with bouncy balls involving colors naming, activities that encourage sharing and waiting like moving through a tunnel with other kids.

We’ve also done some classes in the pool that help develop skills like floating on your back, blowing bubbles and just getting comfortable in the water (something I think is super important living at the beach).

We’ve done a painting class, where the kids painted their hands and feet to make prints, a super messy class that the kids LOVED.

The list goes on... and the class continues (we hope it does, but we need more moms to make it happen!) it will develop to include more guided play classes that will challenge out little ones and get them ready for school! 

If you want to connect before the class to learn more you can reach me at or Anne-Marie at Alternatively, just show up Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at El Litoral (across from the Coronado Golf Hotel & Club gates). Moms are welcome to stay and relax, or join in! The class is just $10.