Panama’s month of patriotism begins

Friday November 2nd kicked off the November long weekend holidays. November 3rd, marks Panama’s separation from Colombia and is followed by several more days of historical relevance.

 November 2nd, is a day of respect in Panama. On this date the sale of alcohol is prohibited and people are asked not to play loud music. The days that follow however, marked with parades and patriotic acts, are very much a national fiesta! 

The holidays continue November 4th, which is Flag Day in Panama. Parades take place throughout the country with bands and dances. Road closures are common and banks and offices public offices are closed from Saturday to Monday.

The start to the November long weekends brought rain throughout Panama west that continued late in to the afternoon. Take caution when driving over the holidays! 

2018 November Holidays in Panama

This long weekend in Coronado is just the start... November is one big fiesta at the beach! During the month of November, the following dates make up Panama’s month of patriotism. 

November 3: Panama’s separation from Colombia

November 4: Flag’s day

November 5: Colon  day

November 10: Declaration of Independence in “La Villa de Los Santos"

To read more about Panama’s Independence and the history behind the November Holidays read "Panama’s Independence, Separation and its relation to the Panama Canal"