Memories of Fashion Week 2018

Photo by Frank Corbett from Fashion Week Panama (FWP) 2018 - Each year FWP brings Panama City alive with fashion. The event not only looks good on the outside, it’s got some real inner beauty!

This year, the event took a focused on female reproduction. With the help of The Panamanian Association for Family Planning (Aplafa), the event took on issues of sexual health education and family planning. Issues which are very relevant right now in Panama as sexual health education bills continue to be debated.

This event raising awareness and funds for Panamanian non-profits working in these areas with six showcases. Each showcase presented donated a percentage of sales to help support disease that affect women. For example, one showcase went to benefit the Endometriosis Association of Panama, which supports women with this chronic and disabling disease that affects 1 in 10 women of reproductive age. 

Another unique part of this year’s event is it’s use of "influencers" along with models. The new approach aimed to reach people in the worlds of entrepreneurship, creativity and fashion and capture their lifestyle through digital platforms.