Designing your Beach home in Panama

Whether you are redecorating or renovating in Panama, with any design choice you might want to consider going bolder, brighter and greener!

It is a great idea to use the natural landscape to your advantage, when designing a home, especially in Panama since there is so much beautiful inspiration outside!  Seashells, fishnets and nautical painted signs directing you to the nearest beach, should be used sparingly! Here are a few design tips to consider when designing your Beach home in Panama.

Go Bold 

Think bright, vibrant colors in Panama! Choose from pinks to greens, blues and yellows, the options for a statement color are endless with a natural landscape as lush and vibrant as Panama. It is a good idea to pick an area like your entrance, or back porch to introduce a bold color. Try it, and find out how a little bit of color can transform a space from boring to bold.

Relate to the scape

When designing your beach home in Panama you are going to want to consider connecting with the outdoors. Think colors like green, blue, pinks, and oranges as accent colors. Bright the outdoors inside by decorating with plants! A from low-light Palms, ferns and banana leaves, all of which are a great choice to bring the coastal vibe inside. 

Let there be light

Don’t let light be an oversight, keeping the natural light in mind when designing is key to a space that is warm and inviting. In the bedroom, if the goal is to block the light, use sheer curtains over your blackout blinds to create some privacy while keeping the house bright and airy. 

Sometimes taking on a design project at the beach can be overwhelming. So whether you’re furnishing a new home, updating a rental, or refreshing a space you might want to consider calling in a professional. Right now Selecta Home in Panama City is offering Playa Community members a free quote on home decoration services! This is a great opportunity to speak with a professional. What are you waiting for? Design your dream home in Panama today. Set up a free quotation call 365-0231 or WhatsApp 6611-0088