Help needed to get pets home

Many come to Panama to live but find themselves needing to go back home after a few years.

 Sometimes it’s a family obligation, a financial issue or it can be as simple as the fact that Panama did not turn out to be the right place for them. Regardless of why someone has to leave, the logistics of leaving can make the move trying. The cost of the move is sometimes overwhelming, especially when your family is large. 

Recently we received a story from a lady in Bocas del Toro is facing such a dilemma. She needs to go back to Argentina, her home country and has cats.  She has managed to find a home for one but has not been successful for the other 4.  The costs for the shots, carriers, flights are quite extensive, she is looking at a total cost of $1,900.  She has managed to scrape together $400 and is in the process of selling the last of her belongings.

Local Dani Gomez is working to help raise the funds to pay for the travel of these animals and is partnering with Jeannine of Mailbox Etc. in Coronado.  She still needs $1,500 to cover costs.  The animals are to  leave on Wednesday. Sept. 26th from Panama city for their trip home.  Jeannine will accept donations at Mailbox Etc., to help her out.  You can even put your donation on Visa if necessary.  Jeannine will meet up with Dani in Panama City before her departure to make sure all is in good order.

Make your donation at Mailbox Etc. and tell them that it is for Dani’s rescue fund.  Help them make a difference and bring these animals safely to their new home.

Mailbox Etc., Coronado is located in the shopping complex housing Rey’s at the corner of the Trans-American highway and Roberto Eisenmann, facing Banco General.