Golf Course Real Estate in Coronado Panama

Golf communities in Panama have always been attractive real estate for both buyers and renters looking to live or invest in Panama and there are some big reasons why.

For one they offer security; a gated community is often a priority in Panama. They also often offer amenities like pools, spas, restaurants, and bars. But what really makes a golf community in Panama attractive, goes beyond the greens, prestige and piña coladas. 

Since not all golf real estate in Panama was created equal, let’s take a look at Coronado, Panama and the key factors that make that Coronado community an ideal place to live. 


Coronado is located within an extremely unique environment called a tropical dry forest. The community boasts the Coronado Dry Forest Reserve, which at about 45 hectares, is the largest dry forest reserve in Panama. The protected space in the community is home to a wide variety of species. Some of these species remain dormant in inclement weather, like budding flowers, seeds and fruits, and others are migratory, like many birds, just passing on a journey across the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. 

While of course, some species of birds might be in more of an abundance in denser forests like the pipeline in Panama City, the chance of actually spotting one of these birds is much great on a golf course. Located right next to the protected dry forest, the Coronado golf course is a secret birders’ paradise! Among the birds you can spot in Coronado are nesting colonial wading birds, caracaras, cormorants, barred antshrikes and the loud, colorful, orange chinned parakeet. 

It’s not just birds that frequent Coronado, visits from a friendly sloth or iguana are common in your backyard. Other creatures like caimans, snakes, and turtles typically keep to themselves, but are also in abundance and can be seen on Tortuga lake. *It’s important to note that all these critters are just passing through (or they live in Coronado), they don’t need saving (or killing in the case of the snakes). 


Founded in 1941 by Roberto Eisenmann, Coronado is one of Panama’s oldest resort communities. With the golf course coming into operation in 1973 and the Coronado Golf & Beach Resort hotel coming in 1994, Coronado quickly became cottage country for Panamanians and a retirement hot spot for expats from around the world. Over the past decade, Coronado has seen major development, growing to offer an international school (Coronado International School) and a private clinic (San Fernando Clinic). 

Community goes beyond just living near one another. A community is the place social and economic relationships happen, it’s also those relationships themselves! It is a yoga class, happy hours, a local market, picking up the kids from school, visiting the doctor, picking up the mail waiting in line to pay bills. By this description, Coronado is the epicenter of community activity in the Pacific Beaches. Whether you are looking to be social, give back or get informed there is a way to do it in Coronado, and there is a place to find it too - Coronado’s community website for over a decade.

Here are some more community resources based in Coronado, Panama you can find on 

The Coronado Social Association
The Rotary Club of Playa Coronado
Panama Hospice & Respite Foundation 
The Coronado Bible Church


Coronado offers tranquil nature and empty beaches without losing it’s proximity to grocery stores, banks, medical centers, and International schools. There are only a few places in the world that have managed this. Coronado has no commercial beachfront real estate, making the beach a place of total escape. This is a feeling like no other, a sense of relaxation that only a few are so lucky to know. Saying goodbye to stress requires no major sacrifices here, you can disconnect while staying connected to your cable and wifi. 

That’s not to say that no sacrifices will be made. Over the years Coronado has become notorious for its bumpy roads, a battle your shocks will take the brunt of it. But it’s a small price to pay, or a sign to slow down to stop and smell the roses. 

Coronado Panama Real Estate trends 

It’s a buyers market in Coronado, with the majority of buyers seeking to purchase properties well under list value, or including all appliances and furnishings. Coronado’s seeing a competitive rental market, as more properties listed to sell that are not being sold, are being offered for rent by owners. With little development happening right now, there are reduced prices on lots in Coronado, some as low as they would have been over a decade ago. With few remaining lots located on the Coronado golf and new property tax laws coming into effect Jan 2019 (that will affect the market for buyers) now is the time to stop and smell the roses! 

The Alcazar160m2$1500/monthly
$249,000 (sale price)
Coronado golf lots REDUCED1250 m2$90/ m2--
NEW! The Coronado Suites56m2 - 90m2$200,000 - $380,0001 - 21

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