Feng Shui for your home and head

The principle goal of Feng Shui is to find harmony with the energy that binds us. While this might seem a bit abstract, when put in to practice it actually makes a lot of sense!

Take for example simple acts like, taking your shoes off , de-cluttering, keeping plants and letting in the elements, these are all things that could improve your daily life.

By filling your home with good energy, these Feng Shui inspired tips will help keep the negative feels out of the house and out of your head.  

1) Take off your flip flops 

The entry into your home and your ritual when entering it is important in feng shui. Form a habit of leaving the sand on your flip flops and stress from the outside, on the font porch. Whatever ritual works for you, let only good energy inside.

2) Spring cleaning

We tend collect things. In our homes and depositos, on our laptops and phones, and in our heads! Let go of what is holding you down. Getting rid of stuff can be hard, but with practice it gets easier. Try starting with unfinished projects. Perhaps you’ve been collecting shells or sea glass, but the project hasn’t come to fruition, consider holding on to a single piece you absolutely love or, finishing that project! Donate clothes you haven’t worn in years, and sell things you’ve been meaning to find a new home for. Make your home a refuge from the chaotic outside world.

3) Let there be light 

Most older Panamanian homes were built with the intent to keep the sun out! This makes sense, with the sun comes heat. The good news is that renovations like adding windows or moving walls are relatively cheap in Panama. If you choose to work with the light you have, add a plant or two where the sun shines in to really soak up the light you have. 

4) Just add water 

One of the reasons you chose to live near the beach (or in the mountains) of Panama was likely water! From the tranquil rivers of El Valle to the blue waters of the Chame Bay, water is an element you will want to take home. Enhance your home with Feng Shui by using water to set a relaxing tone. 

While you might be thinking "yea right, a Koi pond in Panama? What a nightmare!" And you’re probably right. Start by paying attention to your house’s bathrooms and other water features like pools and outdoor shower. Keep these places as restful and relaxing as possible.