’Rock the Cause’ Spay Benefit

A Spay benefit concert will be held on Saturday September 1st, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm at the ¨Pacificview Roadhouse featuring the band Cron. (check out the video!)

The Rio Hato area is an area much in need of animal control.  The spay clinic is scheduled for  December 15th but for this to happen, they need to raise $2,500.  A group calling themselves Spay Angels (Sue Dykler, Lydia Rambo, Alena Goodwin, owner of  Studio Lift  in Coronado and Jeannine Nadeau of  Mailbox Etc.)  are raising funds for this clinic with this benefit concert.

Owner, Red of Pacificview Roadhouse is volunteering the space and  Cron, a band from the city is also donating their time to make this afternoon a spectacular event!  The Roadhouse can accommodate 150 guests and has 2 pools on site so that you can make a family day of it.    There will also be vendors on site as well as rescued animals.

A little history:  Spay Panama was started in Panama in 2001 by a small group of volunteers and vets working together to make a difference and improve the welfare of the less fortunate animals.  At that time, animals had to be kept for a few days after being sterilized and the group did not have a facility to accommodate them.    News came that there was an experienced and knowledgeable vet in Mississippi that had developed a method where a sterilized animal could be released the same day, after some convincing Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown accepted to come to Panama to train the vets at Spay Panama and the rest is history!

Tickets are presently available at Mailbox Etc. Coronado for $8. and will be selling at the event for $10.  (children $3).  If you can not make it to the event, you can make a donation towards this cause at Mailbox Etc. and can receive a Spay Panama receipt (either for the US or Panama)
The money raised will go directly to fund the clinic as  Spay Panama’s cost to fix a cat is $15 and $30 for a dog.  At the clinic the subsidized cost is $5 for a cat and $10 - $15 for a dog depending on its size. 

Come and join in on the fun, make a day of it and help control the animal population that desperately need your help!

The Pacificview Roadhouse is located in el Gayabito .  Directions:  Coming from Coronado, Highway towards San Carlos,   turn right after the Sol & Luna strip mall  (before San Carlos).  Follow the paved road for 10 kilometers, when the road turns to dirt, the Roadhouse is to your left.

video:  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=spay%20angels