Panama city  turns 500

The Mayor of Panama started yesterday the countdown to 500 years of the first city founded by the Spaniards, Panama Viejo on August 15.

Before this celebration, the Commission of the 500 years of foundation of the city of Panama (created in 2014) presented a program of activities to be held in August but will continue until August 15, 2019. The events to be developed will of a  cultural nature.  They will have exhibitions, book presentations, conferences, parades, tributes and musical shows.

The mayor of the capital, José Blandón , said that the 500 years of the foundation of the city of Panama, constitutes a unique event of enormous importance for the country, which must be celebrated by all Panamanians.

Blandón said that the 500 years are aimed at publicizing the history, culture and cuisine of our city, and invited the entire population to celebrate and feel proud of this great city.

The Historical Monumental Complex of Panama Viejo consists of  28 hectares in  which 16 structures belong to the colonial past.

The month’s activities started with a  free exhibition of paintings by young Ganexa artists being  held at the Gorgas Memorial Institute t and will include parades and music festivals.

On Saturday August 18:  Panama turns 500.  Artistic and musical show for the whole family with Ulpiano Vergara, Aphrodisiac, Lucy and the Soul Brokers, Informal Mechanics, Kafu Banton, Joey Montana.   Plaza 5 de Mayo, from 3:00 pm.  Open and free event.