2 agencies invited to observe tender process

Alfredo Martiz invites Acodeco and Transparencia to observe the ambulance tender process

The general director of the Social Security Fund (CSS) , Alfredo Martiz , said on July 18 that he invited the Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition Authority (Acodeco) and Transparency International (TI) to participate as observers of the tender process for  the purchase of 55 ambulances.

Martiz indicated that the homogenization process for the acquisition of these vehicles, which will cost $ 6.2 million, will be made soon.

"I want all the people there to be present so they can see that the thing is being done correctly," he said.

On July 5, the board of directors of the CSS authorized the purchase of the 55 ambulances.

Reports from the institution show that they currently have 15 ambulances operating throughout the country, hence the administration of the CSS seeks to buy the new units.

The idea, according to the authorities, is to provide an optimum service in the different facilities.