Miss World Panama gets new crown

’’She deserves a crown matching her height," said jewelry designer George Wittels from Caracas, a few days after handing over the new crown to Señorita Panama Mundo, Solaris Barba.

The renowned designer, who is the creator of the diadems of the Señorita Panama contest, wanted to create a model for the 19-year-old.

He said that when he saw the four crowned queens (Miss Panama for Miss Universe, for Miss World, Miss Panama Earth and Miss Panama International), he felt that the Solaris crown did not stand out as the others, it looked small. Solaris is 1.75 m tall and is the tallest of the four queens.

Wittels offered to make the new crown while taking advantage of the recent visit of the girls to Caracas, Venezuela, where he has his atelier.  I already had the design, the base and the tools. In two days he dismantled the crown and put together a new one using the same pearls and adding more. The new headband has more height than the previous one.

The crowns of Señorita Panamá, Señorita Panamá Internacional and Señorita Panamá Tierra were also checked at the Wittels atelier and they were maintained. The designer explained that one of them had received a blow, and another was missing  a stone.

He also commented that if he had to choose a name for the new jewel, he would call it "Solaris".