Panama is Inviting Digital Nomads to Stay, Work and Eat

How are you planning to go on about your work? While a lot many of us have an office to go to, a few privileged of us have begun to lead our own nomadic life.

Digital nomads can work just about anywhere, and all they need is a smart device and a working internet connection.

Talking about digital nomads, we are sure you would be looking at places to visit if you lead a similar life. 

Welcome to the Panama Ecosystem 

How would you like to travel the world, indulge in unspoiled beaches and meet interesting people all the way? And not just by taking off from life, but working remotely via Wifi with likeminded travelers and wanderers.  

Selina, working in Panamanian hospitality network has developed an idea to bridge the gap between boutique hotels and hostels. You will also get additional community working places meditation and yoga training for a much affordable price. And that is not all- you will also get to travel to the most exotic places in Central America. The idea will create a shared workplace for different professionals, industries, companies, and countries to come together and work. The aim of Selina is to grow a favorable space that will allow professional growth in individuals and facilitate an exchange of ideas. 

Panama had been created back in 2014 by Israeli wanderers Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski in Panama. The Panama ecosystem is expected to thrive around an active community who holistically approach aspects of healthy living, work, and adventure. You can go for months of working or a holiday trip with accommodations including dorms, shared and private apartments, luxury suites with differing budget for all types of people.

Improving Your Productivity

No matter what work you would do as a digital nomad, we are sure you would want a little bit of creativity. And Panama doesn’t seem to disappoint on that front either. 

Panama is an example of artistic creation and hotels and co-working spaces can be availed as a package together or separately. You can get the thriving sense of community across every location of Panama where likeminded wanderers can stay, work and earn. The chain runs across 22 locations including Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

 Soon they have plans to expand to Peru, US and Europe by the end of the year 2018. Local artisans and creative minds are engaged in the refurbishment of the properties they are going to turn to accommodations. This will make the feel and trademark of Panama consistent across all the locations around the world.

The company was able to raise a recent round of investment amounting to US$95 million and plans to open 200 locations all over the globe over the next 5 years- that’s some demanding desire to be the least. Soon professionals may give up their costly apartments in urban areas and start living in Panama for all its amenities and adventures. As a traveler, you can also use US dollars - as it is the nation’s official currency. 

We may soon see a new beginning of travel stay of professionals working on the go.