The Color Filled Art of Aimeth Aguilar

The Latin expression "seize the day" defines the spirit and work of Panamanian born impressionist artist.

Aimeth Aguilar’s abstract paintings are expressions that emerge intuitively with color and form.  Her mixed technique reveals her inspiration through color, emotion and ideas that arise when the bush is in her hand. Her favorite medium is oil, although lately she has been experimenting with acrylic, wax, pastels and collages to produce provoking mixed-medium works.   

Aimeth Aguilar has been fascinated with art since she was a child and describes herself as primarily self-taught. In 1998 she moved to New York for and studied for a time at the School of Visual Arts. Aimeth returned to Panama in 2009 and dedicated herself to creating art with passion in her homeland. 

Aimeth acknowledges that her paintings are evolving into a life of their own. As an impressionist, her use of deep color exhibits how she feels at the moment, unveiling messages for personal interpretation.

"My art is about layers of color. My pieces are multidimensional bringing depth and interest with color, words, symbols, pictures or collected items added to the canvas. I bring out my emotions and messages into my work."

Aimeth Aguilar has been exhibiting her work in galleries since 2016 and has participated in collective art shows. 

Coronado Frame is showcasing two of Aimeth Aguilar’s original paintings. The works are entitled ‘Remember’ and ‘Simplicity’. They are 50’ x 20’ and 40’ x 40’ respectively. Stop in the store to get a better look at these two colorful pieces. They will be on display for the remainder of this month.

Coronado Frame is located in Coronado on Aveneida de Roberto Eisenmann, in the El Rincon Del Chef Plaza. The hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Tel: 389-5773