What you can do for Panama on Earth Day 2018

The first Earth day, celebrated April 22 1970 was an innovative proposed by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson.

The first Earth day, celebrated April 22 1970 was an innovative proposed by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. The day followed a giant oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbra, exposing the brutal effects that humans can have on nature. One notable event that took place on the first Earth Day is that the day was marked with congress traveling across the country to hear what their home states had to day about events occurring at the time that negatively effected the earth. What did people say? The pleaded with their governments for help, and congress answered. 

Over the next decade an environmental movement broke out in the U.S. aiming to curb pollution. Legislation would be put in place to reduce air pollutants, work for cleaner water, manage solid waste better and protect the world’s endanger species. 

In a time where environmental policy is being blown up in the United States, it is vital we get involved from wherever we stand. 

If the place you stand happens to be Panama Here are some ways you can help. 

- Panama is home to raw jungle that is virtually never been touched. This land on the Caribbean is currently being bought up by environmental organizations in an effort to protect the virgin coastline from development. Make a donation to Conservation Panama and protect a part of Panama and the species that call it home. 

- Recycle. While its not enough, it’s a start. In Panama recycling takes a little extra effort, but it is possible! Recently a study showed that 50% of what Panama’s population is throwing out it actually recyclable. We need to change that. Lead by example, recycle. Riba Smith accepts plastic, metal paper and tetra packs. To recycle glass it must be deposited in the Reciclamentos in front of the Gorgona entrance. 

- Don’t buy what you can’t recycle. Did you know that many plastic products cannot actually be recycled? This means they end up in a landfill, and if you have visited a landfill in Panama you will know we want to be sending as little here as possible! When you consider buying a disposable plastic item, ask, “Do I absolutely need this?” “Can I use something else that I already have?” “Could I buy something else that is not made of plastic.”

- Pick up plastic trash whenever you see it, especially in ponds, streams, rivers and on beaches.

- Get involved. Push for legislation and regulation to reduce and recycle plastics in Panama.