Panama Butterfly Inventory

Concervaion Panama is reaching out to communities throughout Panama to join in their efforts to create a Butterfly Inventory for Panama.

This type of science is often referred to citizen science because it involves the work of communities to generate data that can be used by scientists. 

Since butterflies are a bio-indicator that can help measure changes in our ecosystem, by documenting them we can generate valuable information about climate change. If you are in Panama, have a camera, and wifi, you can help gather this information by taking photos of butterflies, uploading them, and offering some details about the range and weather in which they were found. 

The Conservacion Panama Butterfly Inventory is accessible on Where you can register and upload photos you have taken. If you wish to take the photos on your phone and upload them from there you can download the CitSci app for iPhone/Android in the AppStore. 

Once you have registered on you can join the Conservacion Panama Butterfly Inventory project by searching ‘Mariposas’ in the projects. 

Here are some basic guidelines for uploading photos for the Butterfly Inventory project 

1) Take photographs with a dedicated camera. Screenshots of photographs or uploaded files are both ok. Please use the app to upload all data. 

2) Take good quality photos of DORSAL & VENTRAL WINGS. This is important for species ID. Please do not submit photos without dorsal & ventral photographs. 

3) Multiple photographs are ok. It is fine to submit multiple photographs of dorsal and ventral wings. The higher the quality the easier identification is. 

4) Location & Weather! These are important. Fill the location data, where you are photographing the specimens and the weather. Please fill in the data to the best of your ability. 

5) Submit Data. After you have completed a field day in the App Select the home screen “My Observations”. Select all completed observations and press upload. *can take some time to load 

If you have any questions about the project contact