Varela visits Coloncito housing project

President Juan Carlos Varela was in Chame on Monday, April 1st visiting the Urbanization Praderas Coloncito, a housing project which aims to better the lives of 64 families in Chame.

Alongside Varela at the Urbanization Praderas Coloncito project was Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot), Mario Etchelecu. 

The president explained that 320 people who live in the community of Coloncito will have a better quality of life through this housing project, which consists of 64 residences. The government intends to give these homes to people with disabilities, each home measuring 52 square meters. 

“We are making a million dollar investment in housing, with the aim of eradicating the housing deficit at the national level through the urban projects and programs carried out by the Miviot in each province providing assistance to low-income families," said Varela. 

Minister Etchelecu explained that the houses have a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Urbanization Praderas de Coloncito has concrete streets, sanitary system, potable water, electric power, recreational areas and recreational areas. 

Miviot is working to develop programs and housing projects in the province of Western Panama that help provide better quality of life. With the Techos de Esperanza Program, an investment of $ 210 million will be made, and 7,500 homes built.