Cigar rolling in Penonome

If you are a cigar smoker, or simply curious about how hand-crafted quality cigars are rolled, a visit to a cigar factory in a Latin American country might have made it to your bucket list.

But did you know that there are cigar factories just 45 minutes from Coronado, Panama? 

Penonome is known for producing hand-crafted, quality cigars that offer a unique Panamanian flavor loved by many locally and internationally. Right now a group of women who roll these cigars are working to connect with guests to share the cigar making process, an art that is part of their heritage, that can only be shared by their hands. 

The tours offer both demonstrations, a fascinating and educational hour, and a half an hour of rolling your own cigar, which is surely best described as fun! While there are several different types of tours put on by cigar manufacturers in Panama, some as simple being shown around the factory for a small fee, few will offer the experience of meeting the roller and learning their art first hand. 

As the women work through every aspect of the cigar making process, you will learn first-hand what goes into making a real cigar. All-in-all this memorable experience, offered for just $20/ per person is undoubtedly worthwhile. Currently, the women can accommodate 2 - 10 people. Instruction is offered in Spanish, however, if you require a translator an additional fee can be paid provided someone is available for the date selected. 

Reserve a tour or inquire about Cigar rolling in Penonome by contacting Zeke at (507) 6494-0106