Experts talk extinction after Sudan’s death

Sudan, the last Northern White Rhino has died. His death comes at the same time as experts gather in Medellín, to look at options for fighting the massive extinctions.

The Northern white rhino died in Kenya at the age of 45. Born in 1973 in Shambe, in South Sudan, Sudan leaves behind two females who are the sole survivors of the subspecies. 

While in theory, the death of Sudan should mean the extinction of the subspecies of rhinoceros, scientists are working to develop an in vitro fertilization technique to preserve them. 

Sudan became famous in 2017 when a Tinder profile was created for him. The profile on the popular dating platform was part of a campaign that aimed to raise funds to develop in vitro fertilization techniques required today to preserve the species. 

Reporters were told in a statement "samples were taken yesterday" from the Sudan genetic material, a step necessary in the fight to preserve white rhinos.