Panama participates in Tsunami simulation

Panama was among 30 other countries that participated in a tsunami drill Thursday, March 15, 2018.

The National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc) explains that the drill, an annual practice known as "Caribbean Wave", aims to assess the capacity of the emergency and security agencies in Panama in the case of a tsunami.

The annual prevention meeting promoted by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Culture, also works to achieve plans to mitigate the effects of this natural phenomenon.

Simulations took place In the areas of Cuango, Palenque, Nombre de Dios, Viento Frio and Miramar, in the district of Santa Isabel, in the province of Colón. The simulation was carried out with the hypothesis that an earthquake of the magnitude of 8.1 degrees occurred on the coasts of Colombia.

Sinaproc, Panama’s Fire Department, The Red Cross, Panama’s Geosciences Institute, The Panamanian Maritime Authority, National Security Council, Ministry of Education and local authorities all participated in the simulation and work together on the Tsunami Committee of Panama.