Gas prices to drop Friday

The price of gas and diesel will drop by just a penny on Friday, March 16th throughout Panama reported the National Energy Secretariat (SNE).

Fuel prices have been on a rise in Panama 95 octane reaching just over 80 cents per liter over the past months. But we are seeing the first drop in these prices (even if it’s just a little one) in a while.  

Starting this Friday (March 16th, 2018), the cost of 95-octane gasoline will decrease by a penny and will cost 0.800 cents per liter. 91-octane gasoline also drops by a penny and will cost 0.769 cents per liter, finally ultra-low sulfur diesel as well will drop by a penny, costing 0.703 cents per liter.

These prices are said to become effective this Friday, March 16 from 6:00 am and will remain in effect until Friday, March 30, according to the SNE.