The Coronado Health Fair is THIS FRIDAY!

Friday, January 26th visit the Coronado Health Fair in the Blue Bay Hotel from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. This free event is hosted by J2L Insurance, a leader in insurance and risk management in the Pacific Beaches.

Julio Luque owner of J2L has been helping expats for over a decade choose the right health insurance plan in Panama. With 20+ years experience as an insurance advisor, Julio explains “I believe that from a risk-management perspective that a good health insurance plan is best accompanied by a personal wellness plan.” 

To put his words to the test over the past few years Julio has been working on living a healthier lifestyle himself. This year he has teamed up with health professionals in the area to offer the community access to the tools needed to improve health and wellness. To highlight these services and products to the community, and share valuable information related to health and wellness Julio is working with the Blue Bay Resort to offer this free community fair to local vendors. 

Here are some vendors you will find at the fair: 

To kick off the fair Julio Luque will be giving an in-depth info session on Health insurance for people over +65 living both permanently and part-time in Panama. Insurance companies Ancon Insurance, Pan-American Life Insurance, International de Seguros will all be in attendance offering information on the plans they have available. 

Presentations will also be given by a chiropractor in the community along with a demonstration from Reiki master and aromatherapy specialist, John July. 

Aldo from Saloon Hair Wellness will be offering a seminar on hair wellness. Aldo is one of the most recommended hairstylists in Coronado, but what many do not know is that Aldo has received training from Davines, a natural solution to hair wellness available in the beach community. Aldo will be offering demonstrations on how these products can be used to improve the health of your hair in Panama’s lush tropical climate. 

4Life research a leader in protein science committed to ongoing scientific discovery with high-quality, patented, health support products will be at the fair with a new look at supplements. 4Life is now available in the beach community with opportunities available for community members! 

Organica, Coronado’s stop for health food and natural solutions will have a booth at the fair showcasing their products, which will also be for sale. 

Among others, San Fernando Clinic will be there to speak about the medical procedures available at the Coronado clinic.

The Coronado Health Fair is a great way to get informed on what your health options are in the area and find out more about health insurance coverage.  

We hope to see you there!