Rescue Mattresses arrive in Panama

Panama has become the first country in Central America To acquire Life-Saving Mattresses for the rescue of people trapped in tall buildings in the case of fire or earthquake.

The rescue mattresses are currently in the possession of The Benemérito Fire Department of the Republic of Panama (BCBRP). 

The BCBRP General Director, Colonel Jaime Villar said that with this acquisition Panama’s fire team will be more equipped to save lives. The mattresses will be distributed in different areas throughout Panama. Those locations include San Miguelito, Costa del Este and the Pacific Beaches.

Similarly, Colonel Gabriel Isaza, Deputy Director General explained that in Panama many lives have been lost during the fires, due to not having this type of rescue equipment. Now, in the case of fire if people cannot go down the stairs safely, there is another option. The mattresses are rescue units for a building up to 20 floors, with an inflation time of 3 minutes.

This equipment is made of vinyl material reinforced with polyester and nylon, which makes it resistant to breakage and fire. It has a stamina of 200 pounds per inch, much more than a person weighs. Each mattress has a box where it is indicated where the person has to jump.

When jumping on these mattresses, people should do it in position as if they were sitting, with their legs outstretched and arms open.