Woman charged for abuse of corridors

A Panamanian has been charged for $3K In fees on her PanaPass. The vehicle has been registered to the PanaPass system since Aug 15th, 2014.

the Anti-Corruption Discharge Circuit Prosecutor, Johaira González, has called for this citizen to be charged under the commission of the crime against the economic patrimony to the detriment of the National Highway Company (ENA). 

The investigation began on February 17, 2017, after it was detected by the surveillance cameras, that a car broke the toll-bar of the Ascanio Villalaz booth, on the North Corridor to evade payment of the toll. The same car has been evading payment of tolls on the North and South corridors. The user owes the sum of $2,995 for uses of both corridors monthly. She follows cars at close proximity to go through the gate or breaks the barriers located at the toll booths.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has carried out proceedings for this punishable act.