Merry Christmas Panama!

In 2017, there are more activities than ever planned for Christmas day. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive in Panama!

 With more Christmas lighting,  known as “Christmas Shine” the city lit up the evening of the 24th and will shine brightly again tonight with an additional  13 new locations, stinging up lights for the occasion. 

The extravagant lighting, starting at Francisco Arias Paredes Park located between Cuba and Peru avenues, and extending to a total of 18 sites in the city has cost the country $2.2 million. A pretty penny to give the city that “Christmas feel”.

Other points that have been decorated are the Coastal Strip, Sabores del Chorrillo, Plaza Catedral, Plaza Francia, Plaza Bolívar, Plaza Herrera, Santa Ana Park, Plaza Porras, Parque Heliodoro Patiño in Juan Díaz, Avenida Manuel Espinosa Batista, Federico Boyd Avenue, the Causeway’s Children Park, Urraca Park, Coastal Avenue, Francisco Arias Paredes Park, Ecuador Avenue and the Casco Antiguo entrance roundabout.

In Coronado, Christmas decorations are up in the major plazas, and Christmas trees almost completely sold out.  While these fresh pines, available for a fraction of the cost they would be in their original home, many try their hand at decorating palms, and native plants that can be put in the ground after the family celebration. 

What is important to note, In Panama, Christmas spirit continues all the way into January with the celebration of Kings Day. Saturday, January 6 the arrival of the Three Wise Men will take place in Plaza Catedral, Casco Antiguo at 6:30 p.m. On Sunday 7 a walk/race will take place at the Coastal Strip at 8:00 a.m.

Here in the beach communities, Kings Day is known as a very special day as CASA (Coronado Area Social Association) hosts an event for local families with handicapped children offering them a day to celebrate, enjoy local food and open small gifts. The main gift, however, is a food basket. This year each family will also receive a framed picture from the event and a 3$ phone card. 

The event is in its 10th year and continues to be a much anticipated day for many here at the beach. It is still not too late to contribute to making this Christmas a very special one for a family in need of your support. Please donate whatever you can to this fantastic cause by emailing Louise at