Penonome wind farm activated for dry season

The Penonomé wind farm, which has a total of 108 wind turbines in operation, is getting ready for the peak season due to the arrival of the dry season.

The park is located in the central zone of the country, where the trade winds blow with the greatest constancy between the months of December to April. Presently, these wind farms contribute 10% of the energy demanded by the country but could reach up to 25%.

The current energy demand of the almost four million inhabitants is 1,657 megawatts. As energy production decreases with water, wind production increases.

Due to the La Niña phenomenon, it is foreseen for this year that less activity is expected in wind generation due to less wind consistency. The best year of wind generation was 2015, according to the records of Unión Eólica de Panamá.