CASA Fund Raiser at Picasso a great success!

Every year CASA collects money to purchase items for food baskets that are distributed on Kings’ day to families with handicapped kids in San Carlos.

This year they were joined by talented member and musician Bobby Henderson who hosted the fund raiser by entertaining customers and friends in order to raise money for the baskets.

The bucket was passed around and we are happy to report that a grand total of $660. was collected at this event.  With this money, CASA will be able the purchase the goods for 25 baskets out of the 80 planned!

’CASA members and friends have been very generous and we are well on our way to fulfill our requirements’   said Louise Belisle.  If we are over, we will add more items to the baskets making  sure we have a wonderful event on January 7th.

A great hearth felt thank you  to everyone that have pledged and generously donated towards this cause.  We will take a lot of pictures and make sure you can see the  happy faces  of the kids, and their parents, all wearing our hand made crowns!  This is guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces.

For more information on this activity, or on CASA, please feel free to contact them at 6501-5423 or email: