Picasso Welcomes New Owners

If you’ve heard the rumors...Yes! It’s true! Picasso has found and chosen new parents.

Michel and Sylvie Trouillat fell in love with our little corner of the world and the Picasso vibes and the Picasso family, in turn, fell in love with them. 

They join our beach community from France and bring to us much love, experience and energy to continue nurturing and developing Picasso, and sharing food, drinks, events, and joy with all! 

Mark your calendars and tell your friends, Saturday, December 16th is the Super Fiesta and grand welcome featuring Live Rock & Reggae from 8:00 p.m. until midnight! 

RESERVACIONS: 345-3777 / info@picassobarcoronado.com

Reservations are very much recommended, but everyone is welcome! The goal is to fill the house and keep it that way all night long for toasts, dancing, love, laughter and maybe just a few tears...

We are going to give an official, warm, noisy and sincere welcome to Michel and Sylvie, and, at the same time, we say goodbye to Claire and Phil who will be saying goodbye before leaving on new adventures to other continents.

So...what is not going to change in this new Picasso chapter? The beautiful and brilliant members of the Picasso team, the good vibes, the Happy Hour Wednesdays, the Trivia/Open-Mic Thursdays, the 2x1 Pizza Fridays, the Live Music Saturdays, the daily (except Monday) breakfasts and lunches, the heart of the community that beats strongly and embraces whoever treads this magical Picasso turf.

And what is going to change?
Well, a couple of faces, a few dishes, the paint (have you seen it? it’s beautiful!), a few other details but they are going to go slowly, des...pac...ito!

How to stay in touch with Claire?
Write her at clairerosspty@gmail.com

How to stay informed on Picasso events and innovations?
Easy! By visiting playacommunity.com... and writing to info@picassobarcoronado.com

A message from Claire (soon to be ex-owner of Picasso)
From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for having shared with me 7 years filled with the best things in all existence: homemade food, stimulating cocktails and conversation, big genuine hugs, and millions of moments shared dancing, laughing and loving this divine life together.

So... Until we meet again... 

Viva Picasso. 

I hope you all continue to be the honest, generous and joyful beings that you are, and that Picasso, Coronado, and Panama keep moving forward with much peace, positivity, and prosperity.

con mucho amor,

Claire & The Picasso Team