Coronado Residents Petition the Kartódromo

Recently Playa Community received a note from Coronado resident Barbara Scott.

Barbra informed us that herself, along with several other community members, had started a petition aimed to mitigate the sound pollution generated by the Kartodromo

Playa Community published an article about the tracks opening in La Playa Newspaper on April 27, 2015.  It began by saying “You might know that a Kartódromo, or a ‘kart circuit’, is a racetrack designed for kart racing.  But did you know that there is one right here in Coronado? The professional track has been tucked away in the Coronado dry forest for over 30 years. This year, under the new administration, it received a makeover.” 

While the article and track were initially well received. Things have changed as night time races have become commonplace on the track. 

Barbara wrote “Your article went on to give the impression that this was a wonderful venue for the children of our community.  And that was correct. However, that is not the case anymore!” 

“About four months ago, lights were installed at the kartodromo and nighttime races by the Asociacion de Moto Velocidad began at the track.  There have been three races since the lights were installed.  The noise produced by these motorcycles is extremely loud and does not belong to a residential community such as Coronado.” explained Barbara. 

With higher powered Super Motos using the track and permits lasting till 1:00 a.m., it is clear the track has become a disturbance for some Coronado residents. Which residents? Well, that depends on the way the wind blows! According to several residents, the sound travels in different directions depending on the wind, so with each race, the community members affected change. 

“I had the misfortune of moving into the Coronado Community just in time for the race on August 19th.  The race went on until two o’clock in the morning; even though the permit was until one o’clock” explained Barbara  Because of the direction of the wind, it sounded like the motos were in front of my home. The noise produced by these races disturb many of the full-time residents of Coronado.  The last race on October 14th, with the wind blowing in a different direction, disturbed other residents of Coronado.  Some were not disturbed by the noise because of the location of the track or perhaps because the wind was not blowing in that direction! However, many fellow residents are disturbed by each race.”

Barbara explained to us that there is an alternate track in La Chorrera that she feels is more appropriate for these types of races as it is far away from residential communities and would not disturb anyone. She is reaching out to other community members who are affected and those who agree with her cause to sign a petition to stop the noise pollution generated by these races. 

If you wish to sign the PETITION,
PLEASE send your name and  Cedula or Passport number to This info will be added to the paper Petition.