My Panamanian Pride

Roberto Diaz was born in Panama and has subsequently lived in many countries throughout the world. He returned to raise his family in his home country, choosing the beaches area.

Having lived in so many places where litter had already been addressed he realized it was high time to make a more concerted effort here as well. 

Roberto set out to write a beautifully illustrated and entertaining book to educate children about the effects that littering has on the environment, animals and humans as well.  More than a year in the making the project has now evolved into a mock up of what will eventually be printed and, hopefully, be made available to schoolrooms throughout the country.

Mi Orgullo Panameno (My Panamanian Pride) follows young Juanito and his friend Lily as they learn the truth about where litter ends up and the dire results of its presence on virtually everything.  

What makes this book so vital here is its connection to Panama specifically.  The flag, the canal, the culture, tucans, iguanas, mountains, rivers, and oceans – it is all included to be a book that Panamanian children can relate to.  There is even an illustration that celebrates the futbol win that is taking Panama to the world cup in 2018. 

The book was read for the first time this week to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes at Eisenmen School at the entrance of Coronado. The enthusiastic response was over the top and demonstrated just how powerful these messages can be. Inspiring children to care enough to effect change is not just possible but has already begun with just the initial reading. 

The next step in getting the book into the hands of school teachers will be to get a little legal help to write up some agreements in preparation to submit the book for copywriting.  If a lawyer is out there willing to give us some help it would be most appreciated. 

We will also need to get some serious help in carefully proofing and editing the text to be as polished as we can make it.

Article provided by Steven Hensel, founding member of Libre de Basura



“The reason I started this project is I feel there is a big need here in Panama for environmental education.  Something needs to be done to promote change.  Education is the key”.

Roberto Diaz, Author of Mi Orgullo Panameno


“We need people to understand the ways they need to change the world if it is to survive”. 

Alison Date, founding leader of Libre de Basura


“As a founding member of Libre de Basura this project resonated with us from the beginning. We unanimously decided to sponsor the project and it worked”.  

Steven Hensel, founding member of Libre de Basura